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Church of the Redeemer Virtual Tour demo in Unity 5.6 [video]
Some notes on this [posted as of June 2017] - I am, in between other high priority projects, gradually modellling, texturing, and implementing in the Unity 5.6 game engine, a virtual recreation of the historical church building as it was circa 2011.  At that time I snapped hundreds of 14-megapixel photos of basically every surface of the structure, and I'm using those photos as a source for textures.  There's a video here that you can view which shows the current condition of the project circa May 2017.  You may note that only the sanctuary, balcony, entry hall and hall between sanctuary and Parish Hall are finished in this version, and the next iteration should also include Parish Hall itself, the entry foyer/stairwell, and hallways connecting that to Room 108.  In other words, most of the first floor interior.  The work done so far as of August, has consumed over a week's worth of effort or roughly 90 hours.   Some challenges worth noting include the seams and holes in geometry - they're not as bad as they were but are still a problem and I'm working on that, the almost complete absence of normal & detail mapping in this version, and the fact that the rainfall does not yet detect collisions.  Incidentally, about the sky outside the level, the rain is intermittently heavy, light, or nonexistent, and there's also a day/night cycle with a sun that casts dynamic slowly moving shadows as it moves overhead in a loop.  The texture assets are better optimized this time and actually contain about 30-90% more detail than in the demo seen on the DVD.  Light shafts, subtle fog and dust particles drifting at random, are still present but the fog is now white and not yellowish.  Collision detection for the player remains a mixed bag; some of the areas are still tricky to walk around in and the navmesh still needs some work.  In the video demonstration below you might note that I set up a flythrough of the level followed by some walking around and looking at things from a normal player perspective.

The current plan involves two separate Windows builds - a build designed with a 4GB memory requirement, and another with only 1GB needed but lower-quality texture assets. Most of the textures used are 16-bit, which is to say not amazing color depth, but shaves off a lot of runtime memory use. Plans currently focus on a demo at the Redeemer Hymn sing-along [Sept. 8, 2017] where I will demonstrate what's possible with the tour, and where a new demo will be displayed. The video below is well behind where the tour's progress is now but it gives some idea of where it was a couple months ago:

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