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The three churches mentioned earlier all have current youth groups, so you should check those other church links too,  but many of the people who were once in the Redeemer Episcopal Youth Group are now forming their own church (Missio Dei) - a group of young adults that is also worth a look.


Missio Dei Houston is a small church comprised of many young adults from Redeemer Episcopal.  Meetings are now being held in a church building across from HCC (Houston Community College)

Missio Dei's sermons are delivered by Mark Ball, who was at one point an interim leader in Redeemer Episcopal, and (before that) youth pastor there.

Missio Dei has participated in Advent Conspiracy, attempting to fund well construction in impoverished countries so that people will have access to clean water.
The group is also offering free food to homeless people on a regular basis.  This year, MDH is helping refugees fleeing from the Middle East to Houston, with a big fundraising event to be held on the evening of December 22, at Bohemeo's.  There are going to be Christmas Carols and such there.  Incidentally, there's also the Advent Conspiracy effort by the Vineyard Church of Houston, on the evening of December 17, from 5 to 9 pm, and I plan to attend that as well, selling a few handcrafted artworks with 40% of the sale amount going to charities helping provide clean water for poor villages.
These events are both worth attending for anyone feeling a desire to give back this holiday season.

In addition to Sunday services, there are often other events, including board game nights which have been held on the first Friday of every month.

The group's effort to lease space in Eastwood at 740 Telephone rd.  fell through a while ago... this has prompted the shift to the current location.


Redeemer Youth Group was where Mark Ball was the youth pastor before he developed Missio Dei.
That older group is tiny now, but in the '90s many children attended there, including me.

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