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This is by far the largest church I've ever been connected to.

The group is thriving and has planted a number of offshoot congregations.

There are about 300 members and the pastor is Michael Palandro.   Sermons (when I listened to them anyway) seemed down to earth and worship music was good if a bit loud.
People there are quite friendly.  I don't believe in God anymore but this is a decent church as churches go.

They also do a lot to help people.  On the evening of December 17, 2016, they had an Art Market, and I attended that, selling a few handcrafted artworks with 40% of the sale amount (at my booth, anyway) going to charities helping provide clean water for poor villages.
This event was worth attending for anyone feeling a desire to give back during the holiday season.

There were free drinks and food there (refreshments) and carols and a live nativity.  There were also a lot of vendors selling artworks to visitors.
10% of the sale value normally goes towards Advent Conspiracy's goal of providing clean drinking water to impoverished areas of the world.

Some of the vendors give more than the baseline 10%; I was giving 40% of all sale amounts I raised to this cause.
I ended up selling three items in all, totalling $65 in sales, of which I kept $39. If the church does this again next year (2017) definitely keep an eye out for my booth.
I'm pricing my work about 35-40% lower per square inch, than most comparable items sold on eBay, which is to say my biggest items are still under $100 (yes even the one that is a staggering 36" x 54".)

All of the handmade items I actually sold were oil pastel this year.   Again, next time this happens you really should show up to this if you're in the Houston Texas area, it was awesome.

I am also likely to play a role in a video production group at the Houston Vineyard (a life group in Q2 2017) so keep an eye out for more news on that when we've gotten to that point.


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