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This church, for me, was not all just the tears and negative emotions a certain page on this site made it out to be.

Yes, they were teaching a set of religious views that were Biblically based and thus largely unverifiable, unproven, and generally possibly nuts.

Yes, one of the youth pastors I had, Lucas Ellis, once joked that he "always wanted to run a cult".

Yes, the community did actually seem slightly cultish at times - we were occasionally known as Redeemerites.

But a lot of fun stuff happened way back when too.

There were so many good memories attached to the church youth group and the friendships formed there.
I might make fun of Lucas but he was actually a really good guy and a good youth pastor.

Mark Ball, who swept in after Lucas left, was even better.

He's full of energy and enthusiasm and has a great sense of humor.  I still attend board game nights at his house some weeks.

The experience of being in the church setting led to a lot of videos and comics centered around the location and the people who were there.

The 'Send in The Clones' series, notably included the church members banding together in the building defending it from thousands of clones.
'Super Soda' was not only partly recorded there but actually starred the church pastor Mark Ball in the lead role.
'Church of Explosions & Mayhem' parodied disaster movie tropes with a group of people in the church as it rapidly deteriorates.
Troop 4 videos, especially "Troop 4 TV: Season 1", made a lot of use of the church as well and that video in particular even made the church and its relationship with the troop central to the plot.
There  was also that embarrassing trilogy of weird church comics I did way back when I was a strange teenager:

Seriously, they are very goofy and have little tether to reality.  But if for some insane reason you want to read my old, pitiful, quite frankly embarrassingly strange attempts at irreverent humor, here they are:
Comic One     Comic Two     Comic Three

There was even a short video 'Episcopalian Aliens & Preacher Creatures" which had Jason investigate the 'alien infestation' in the church.
All of these video projects are, I hope, headed online over the next 3 years, and if you want to see more information about the video stuff I highly recommend looking at for more about that.

And all of this just scratches the surface.  The friends I made through this church appear in nearly every video I make.

So I guess, despite the fact that I'm no longer a believer in God and went through some tough transitions, I don't really regret having been there.  Not one bit.

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