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Firstly, apologies for not getting the 2011 Closing Ceremony online. For legal reasons it is next to impossible and the bandwidth issues could have been problematic in any case. I've handed out copies on DVD and Blu Ray locally so any visit to the church at its new (current) meeting location may lead to more information on this. You can also email me at, if you really want a copy of the final church service... it may be possible to get one locally. I need to emphasize two points: One, that the contents of these discs should not go public, on the internet, as they're for church members only, personal use, all of that. Second, the recording of the church service also has a bonus feature attached which can go public, namely the tesaer for the virtual tour of the building as it was circa 2011. That was the last time that the entire structure interior was accessible, because some parts were off-limits soon after that and were rapidly deteriorating, and the situation has eroded even more since then, as of 2017 the pews and organ and mural are being removed and the building may be heavily restructured/rebuilt into a new loft housing space. So for historical reasons it might be nice to have a record of what the place looked like. I have let everyone in the church know that as I hand out DVDs/BRs of the church service I am also collecting funds for completion of the virtual tour. So the discs are *free* but anyone asking for one is strongly encouraged to send a few dollars my way to get the virtual tour project moving forward. There are basically three tiers of funding. One is the recovery of the cost of the multiple discs of each box set, and case, and the printer ink for the insert and disc coatings, each copy of the box set on DVD costs about $3.40 to make so that is the break even mark for me where I can sustain continuing production of new copies. I'm very excited to say that people in the church have been extremely supportive of the virtual tour idea. I've given out over 20 DVD box sets at this point and have gotten $300 in support raised for the tour, which is amazing! So the question then worth asking, is what do I intend to do with that? Why is it needed?

Well, it's a lot of different things which all fit into an overarching goal of getting said virtual tour done faster and better. There are a handful of shaders which will allow realistic materials and surfaces beyond what is built into Unity 5.6 by default. There are some tools also for optimization, so the level can run at a high framerate and still look amazing. There's some workflow related stuff outside of the game toolset specific to texturing, including a great toolset for seamless tiling of photographic texture assets, and an in-engine UV editor which should be extremely helpful in fixing the seams on the texture maps, but also will allow me to specify a secondary UV map (and edit it) for custom light baking. Unity's light baking is not ideal - it's slower and lower quality than I want, which means there's a real logic to baking lighting as a separate pass in a dedicated 3d toolset and then loading that into the UV2 channel. I think that would be great. Not only would putting the baked lighting in UV2 free up UV1 for other surface effects, it'd allow me to animate the baked lighting in a loop, which I already have a setup for. The idea there is a day/night cycle so the lighting in the level changes over time with the motion of the sun overhead... Also, I want a good way to debug the WebGL output, because so far WebGL has been a nightmare in past projects, the format is not only very limited in memory use, but the debugger gives minimal information on what exactly is throwing errors. There's an excellent debugger, third party, for the WebGL exporter, but it costs approx. $30. Still, if I could get that, it'd allow me to output not just a PC/Mac standalone application but have a version of the tour that can run directly in a web browser... without wasting weeks running in circles turning things on and off trying to figure out what the heck is causing the compiler to fail. And, finally, there's the issue of my video card being faulty and crashing and random intervals. I have an autosave system set up that saves my work in Unity every five minutes but even so, when the computer is suddenly restarting on average once very five hours, it's really annoying and it makes everything I'm working on take longer. I have a video card in mind that should work better and which is completely compatible with the rest of the PC and I will cover most of that myself but... it would be nice if some fraction of the cost were covered via the effort here. So that way I don't have to make a tough choice between fixing the video card and getting a new external drive with enough capacity to back up fully 100% of the stuff on another one that is currently starting to have problems. The connection to the drive is faulty, so the thing isn't necessarily about to 'die' but if the thing continues to wear out it may be less and less usable in practice and the information on it may prove harder and harder to copy off. Anyway - the estimated cost of all the tour related things combined plus cost of the discs and cases added up to $400 or so - and I've raised a staggering $340 from church members, which covers pretty near everything by this point. I may or may not raise any more, but if I don't I can still raise the rest with other gigs at $4-5 per hour so in that sense it should all be covered in a few days one way or another. Which means the tour is moving forward now! One other thing - it'll be available online as a free download on this site, but also as a WebGL version soon after... and there will also be an optional version burned on disc, for about $10 including shipping. That 's effectively identical to the download though so it is not of value to most of you and is only worthwhile if you either want a hard copy on a disc, or if you're just trying to thank me for doing this.

I will post the teaser video in a day or two. If the video is underwhelming, just keep in mind the level you see in said video involved only three days' work, half of which was in 2008 when I made Church of Explosions & Mayhem. The final version of the tour should be far nicer looking, more realistic and visually polished. tour

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